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Man Shocks Kenyans After Publicly Showering in Rain Water (VIDEO)

A Kenyan man has shocked netizens after a video of him showering in rainwater emerged online. The video which has been making rounds online has angered many but not because of his specifications.

In the video, the man standing outside poplar supermarket ‘Tuskys’ used the water falling from the drainage system gathered from the rain to shamelessly clean himself. This was in the clear view of onlookers.

The video was posted by social media influencer Joe Muchiri.

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In his caption, he wrote:

“WaKenya tuko tu sawa 😅😅 but Uhuru hawezi elewa mtu kama huyu Ana oga kwa mvua kwa nini 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Ati leo he apparently doesn’t know why Kenyans are poor wow SMH aloof much kwani hizo pesa Ana iba na watu wake anadhani nani anaibiwa si ni taxes za watu 😂😂 eh tunge vote-ia tu ukuta anyway we know better now. Shower away my friend 👏🏽👏🏽 Hio maji kwanza ni pure and clean haina chalk dust ya city council.”

Irrate Kenyans have blamed his actions on the immunity and corruption in the government leading to increased poverty in the country.

This comes after the President of Kenya publicly said he doesn’t understand why Kenyans are broke, sentiments that have been ridiculed by many Kenyans.

Summer_g_shiks said, “Economy ni mbaya sana.” Instagram user doc_karey added,”Watubadilishie na rais wa 🇹🇿magufuli.”

After the White alert expose aired on TV earlier this week, Victhe_1 commented saying, “Hizi ni after effects za aflatoxins na many other elements.”

Others have made fun of the showering man instead. Instagram user @houseofisabel.ke hu hilariously said,”Hii Bangi ya Kisii si mchezo.”

Djduss254 added,” @macharia_maina cheki mbogi yako ya kisii vile ana perform rituals.”

Check out the video that has gone viral below:


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