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PLO Lumumba returns to Accra with 2020 Africa Mentorship Program

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By ABCNewsgh.com

At least 500 young African leaders, public officials, diplomats, students, Civil Society Organizations, inter alia are expected to converge in Accra for the 2020 PLO Africa Mentorship Program (AMP) scheduled for June.

The three-day conference and the second of it, put together by the PLO Lumumba Foundation will span from June 17 to June 19 this year on the campus of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration.

AMP, a youth mentorship conference, has been instituted to mentor young Africans into self-reliance and servant leadership and this year’s event will also host corporate organizations and other eminent personalities of African descent.

This year’s event themed “Redefining Pan Africanism: The Role of Young Africans”, seeks to impart the youth with knowledge, ideas, ideals and principles of Pan Africanism that will foster the socio-economic and, political transformation of Africa by addressing African problems with African solutions.

It is centered on Pan African ideals that encourages and strengthens bonds of solidarity among all Africans.

Aside from the fact that AMP nurtures young people to feel proud of being African and to use their “rich African” values, it also provides a platform for them to showcase their projects, while serving as a forum for dialogue and network among the youth with a common vision of transforming Africa.

The program will be facilitated by highly experienced team of Pan-Africanists and diplomats who are internationally recognized

According to the foundation, the event seeks to harmonize energy of young African leaders and ideals and dreams of their founding fathers and also equip the current generation to “redefine the African tory and steer Africa in the right direction and make Africa great again.”


Read the full details of the conference below

Source: ABCNewsgh.com

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