Here is why you’re losing your Twitter followers

Anyone can get to know what is happening around the globe, thanks for the birth of the Twitter app.

It is an app categorised under social apps and one can send tweets to the followers accumulated.

It is fun having a lot of followers and branding oneself as a celebrity. However, these followers are temporary as anyone can decide to unfollow you.

What might be the reason why you lose followers? Here are the reasons.

1. You are not following back

If people follow you on Twitter you need to follow them back as a way of showing love and support. Failure to do this will lead to loss of followers as many tweeps use the third-party apps linked to Twitter to map out those who are ‘behaving like celebrities’.

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2. You are posting less

Failure to update your tweets will make your followers brand you as a dormant user. This will made them unfollow you as you don’t contribute to any of their posts, either with a like, a reply or a retweet.

3. You are an online disturber

When you sent countless direct messages to your followers on daily basis, it will be hectic for those not interested in your business promotions and they will unfollow you because you are a creator of boredom online, creating unnecessary disturbances.

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