1. Cover it with uncooked rice

This process has proven to be effective when it comes to purging the moisture trapped under your smartphone’s screen. In a bowl, add the uncooked rice to a half full. With the screen facing down, place the phone on the bowl containing the rice. You can now add more rice to cover the smartphone and leave it intact for at least 72 hours. The rice will absorb the moisture in the screen.

2. Silica gel packs.

Another best way is using a silica gel packs. The packs are normally used in absorbing moistures. If you have the packs around you, then you can use them. You can get them from a shop if you don’t have some. Just like uncooked rice, place the phone inside the bowl and cover it with some silica gel packs.

3. Remove the battery 

If it is removable and leave it in open air with a fan as another option.

If your phone has an irremovable battery, then switch it off and place it on a table and turn on the fan to absorb the moisture trapped under the screen.