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By Kelly Wandagoh

Dear brother Raila,

I hope my letter finds you in sound health and at your best mood my brother. I am doing fine and I thank the creator for the gift of life. It was not an easy decision to address you through this medium but it will go down in history since the contents of this letter is about the country Kenya. I am writing this for the sake of over 38 million Kenyans including both women and children.

I have thought for quite some time and today I am convinced that your love for your country Kenya is immeasurable and that all you have done both at present and in the past have good intentions to this country. I am convinced you are a patriot and a peace loving man. You mean well for this noble nation and without any doubt I am sure you deserve a pat on the back for all the sacrifices you have constantly made for the people of Kenya. You are a great man and your leadership style is recognized and admired worldwide. You are a true example of a leader and a states man. Your attributes to this country will go on history and it’s my humble prayer that the almighty rewards you.

My main reason for writing this letter is to kindly plead with you for the sake of this country, that you may find it easy to accept working together with me among other leaders in building this nation. I am asking that you find it easy to forgive me and we start a new walk as brothers. As much as I admire your spirit of brotherhood with the president, I feel so left out and as a Kenyan who loves this country, it disturbs me a lot. Remember we have worked together in the past and it would not be any offence to work together again.

I know both of us are seeking to lead this country because of the good ideas we have to put Kenya on the international front. My brother I am sure if we come together and join hands in this fight then Kenya will be a great country. I must not be the president my brother and I am very flexible and willing to support you. I would love to see a happy and prosperous Kenya. I am very sure we can leave behind our differences and build a new Kenya.

Finally, I am asking that if you feel appropriate that we may make a public declaration about this so that our supporters and followers can meet and follow our path to making Kenya peaceful country. That is the only assurance we can give to the public that we are dedicated and committed to working together for a better nation. As you have always advised, I will be open to any advice from you concerning this and where necessary I am very ready and willing to change my mind or add my input.

God bless you. God bless Kenya.

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