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France locked down by coronavirus as Macron suspends rent, taxes and house bills

France has entered into an unprecedented during peacetime lock-down period in a bid to fight coronavirus as leader Emmanuel Macron suspends rent and taxes

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French president Emmanuel Macron tonight put his country into full lockdown, declaring ‘we are at war with the coronavirus.’

He also announced a suspension of rent, taxes and household bills.

The minute details of the lock-down outlined tight controls over residents’ civil liberties unprecedented in peacetime.

The French will be required to download a form online and fill it out each time they venture outside – writing ‘going out to buy a baguette’ or ‘walking the dog’ – or risk a €38 (£34.60) fine if they are caught short

The country’s interior minister outlined the finer details after Mr Macron announced the extreme measures in a solemn live TV address on Monday evening.

Mr Macron said earlier people would have to stay at home unless shopping for food or going to a pharmacy, heading for absolutely essential work, or exercising alone.

The lock-down measures come in at midday tomorrow and are set to remain in force for at least two weeks, as France follows the lead of other EU nations and shuts its borders amid the global pandemic.

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