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5 Types Of People That Can’t Catch Coronavirus Easily

I will avoid religious arguments and base this write-up purely on social distancing.

1. Village Farmers

If the epidemic reaches worst case scenarios, village farmers can choose to remain in the farms for up to a year.

I grew up with my grandfather, and I can tell you that if not for the need for religion, entertainment, family meetings etc, a farmer can survive in his farm for as long as he wants. Thatched hut will provide shelter, food is in abundance; we set traps and went hunting on a daily basis. When GSM came in 2000s, we climbed a mountainous part of grandpa’s farm and got fluctuating MTN network.

You need at least one and a half hours to trek to our farm. So, airborne covid-19 may need 40 minutes to travel in air to reach the farm but scientists said it can’t last for more than 30 minutes in air.

2. Space travellers

Space scientists can choose to remain outside of this planet for up to a year. If covid-19 wipes out human population from planet Earth, space travellers will recolonize the earth if the travellers have males and females of childbearing ages.

3. Antisocials

These types of people naturally avoid coming close to others. They don’t attend social gatherings, live alone, work from home. If they own a ride, cook their own meals and observe safety precautions, their chance of coming in contact with covid-19 is very low.

4. Herdsmen

Apart from having strong immunity or endurance acquired through their wandering ways, they are always in the forest tending to their animals. That’s enough to qualify them as practising social distancing. They also plant food crops in their temporary locations. No herdsman has been reported to have contracted covid-19.

You may want to say that herdsmen don’t use public hospitals and that infection data about possible covid-19 deaths from their side won’t be available. It’s not true. Herdsmen use public hospitals. I was in Bowen teaching hospital last January and saw a herdsman brought there on medical emergency.

5. Dwellers in the Antarctica

Weeks ago, we saw the news about Antarctica being the only continent not affected by covid-19.

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