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Ever Since I was Born, No Man Has Ever Asked Me Out, I May Terminate My Life(Photos)

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A pretty Damsel of 22-year-old has taken to a popular relationship blog to lament that she has never been asked out by any man in her entire life.

People tell me many times that I have a very young looking face but should that stop men from approaching me?

Not even a young or and old man has approached me before. I felt bad, but I don’t know why? Until when my aunt visited me.My aunt came to visit me and told me that I need to start dating and finding someone since I have never had a bf before. She asked me if anyone has asked me out yet and I told her that no men ever approach me and she got shocked and surprised.

I don’t know what to do about my nonexistent dating life. I feel like I am pretty much am about to be forever alone even though I am not ugly and I don’t have any physical defects. I am not going to approach a guy so please don’t tell me that is what I need to do. i just want all of this to end, I might just end it all.

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