‘Utawezana’ (can you handle it) Femi One ft Mejja storms the internet

The song Utawezana (can you handle it) dropped on April 1 and it has since generated a lot of hype, so far with half a million views on YouTube.

In the song, the two artistes talk about sex in a playful manner. Mejja tries to seduce Femi in a bid to try get into the ‘cookie jar’, but she questions his ability to perform the act.

The beat is quite catchy with a repetitive chorus that has the catchy phrase ‘utawezana’.

This one here is a pure club banger and people will definitely bump to the beat and sing along the lyrics, which by the way should be X-rated.

Utawezana is a great collabo, considering both rapppers are good at storytelling and the connection even when shooting the video was so compact.

The simple video features only one dancer, who in my view has no impactful effect on the video.

The video would have done okay without her, but I guess they needed to break the monotony.

Perhaps a little more effort would have made a difference in the making of the video. Rating: 8/10

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