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Ruth Matete in Trouble,Accused Of Lying About Her Hubby’s Death By His Manager

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Kenyan gospel singer Ruth Matete is mourning the loss of her husband who passed away recently.

As reported by The Sauce, the former TPF contestant’s hubby, Nigerian Beloved John Apewajoye succumbed to injuries sustained during a gas explosion accident at their home early April 2020.

Now, a man named Jesse McJeissy who claims to be a friend and manager to the deceased has come out to accuse the singer of having a hand in her husband’s death.

In a video shared recently, Jesse also highlighted the couple’s troubled marriage saying that Ruth was violent towards her husband. Adding that she had stabbed her husband atleast three times and that she was psychotic.

This damning video was accompanied by audio files recording during one of the couple’s nasty fights in which Ruth stabbed her husband and he retaliated.

He goes on to raise questions about Ruth’s behavior in light of her husband’s accident. According to him, she did not inform Beloved John’s family in Nigeria about the explosion and neither did she give accurate information in regards to his status in hospital prior to his death.

He lastly confronts Ruth to tell the truth about what really happened to his friend BelovedJohn.

According to various reports, following their wedding in November 2019, BelovedJohn came out to address rumours that he had an ex wife and two children back in Nigeria.

The video has elicted mixed reactions from Kenyans on Twitter with ‘Twitter DCI’ scrutinizing the allegations while avid Matete fans. This made Ruth Matete a top trending on Twitter.

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