Stop Apologizing to Magufuli, Angry Kenyans Blast Citizen TV

On April 17, 2020 Citizen TV found themselves on the receiving end from Kenyans who now seem to be fed up with their too much apology for the Tanzanian president His Excellency Pombe Magufuli.

This is after citizen TV offered an apology to Magufuli for two consecutive days over the phrase they used to refer to Magufuli in Swahili as “ukaidi wa Magufuli”.

This phrase “ukaidi wa Magufuli” which loosely translates to the rebellion of Magufuli was used by a Citizen TV journalist after closely observing the Magufuli way of dealing with the covid19 situation in his country.

Immediately after the use of that phrase, President Magufuli vented his concern over the issue rendering the Citizen TV crew guilty. This however saw a series of apology from the Citizen TV fraternity in more than one news bulletin, something which has now angered many Kenyans.

On his twitter handle, the CEO for the Kenya Film Classification Board Mr. Ezekiel Mutua vented his concern on the issue. Mutua who seemed rather disappointed by the manner in which Citizen TV was handling this matter did not mince his words.

“I am watching Citizen TV apologize repeatedly, almost on their knees, for misinterpreting Tanzania’s

President John Pombe Magufuli. Yet, they always misinterpret our President and say nasty things about him unapologetically. And you still hear people say Kenya is a bad country!” tweeted Mutua.

One of Raila’s top aides Silas Jakakimba also shared the same views. In his twitter handle, Silas said that the apology already offered to Magufuli was enough and there was no need for the redundant act.

William Chepkut in his response to the Citizen TV appeasement attitude alluded to the fact that, the behavior by Citizen TV is meant to scare the media from reporting the true situation in Tanzania especially in these times when the whole world is grappling with the Corona virus pandemic.

The question that many are now grappling with is that; why are our media houses so afraid to report the truth and why are Kenyan institutions always play to the gallery of the appeasement policy even in times when truth and fairness is highly required? Why are we so fair to the foreigners and biased to ourselves? Food for thought.


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