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6 mourners who attended same funeral in South Carolina die from COVID-19

Six mourners from South Carolina, US have succumbed to COVID-19 after going to a funeral attended by a “super spreader”.

All the deceased were African Americans who were above 60 years old classifying them as at risk persons.

6 mourners who attended same funeral die from COVID-19
The mourners who lost their lives were all above 60 years. Photo: johnshopkins

According to The State, the group went to the ceremony back in the beginning of March before America asked citizens to refrain from mass gatherings.

A coroner suspected there was a likelihood one of the attendees was infected but had no idea therefore putting the lives of all people present at risk.

6 mourners who attended same funeral die from COVID-19
A coroner suspects there was a mourner who had the virus and probably coughed on the coffin. Photo: WHO

The person was classified as a super spreader who came into contact with the six mourners and possibly more.

Other mourners who were present at the event were advised to stay in self-quarantine to avoid further spreading the disease.

People were urged to take the pandemic more seriously and avoid viewing the six fatalities as a mere number.

6 mourners who attended same funeral die from COVID-19
Other mourners who attended the funeral were asked to self-quarantine. Photo: New Scientist

Their death was described as tragic and completely unavailable.

“We do not want anyone to think these are just numbers because they are not. They are people that lost their lives tragically,” the coroner warned.

A husband and wife married for more than five decades were among the attendants and the two died a few days apart after contracting the disease.

“They came back to Sumter, got sick, and I was notified they had passed. Unfortunately, a large amount of people congregated at that funeral, somebody there was infected with it, spread it, and just did not know it,” Robbie Baker, the coroner added.

Robbie said people who still insist on attending public gatherings were posing a threat to the rest of the society.

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