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Two African Countries That Will Be Remembered Forever For Shocking The Whole World During COVID-19

Since the start of this COVID-19, Africa has confirmed a total of less than 20000 deaths from coronavirus.

A 54 countries continent, is among the least affected countries so far. Up to now African countries are doing their best to make sure corona virus will not affect Africa.

Africa is the mother of inventory as many say. This might be a true phrase as many countries from Africa are proving the statement. So far up to now, two African countries have done a good work that other countries haven’t done.

Kenya few days ago had invented ventilators that were aimed at reducing congestion in hospital and also ICU.

An inventory that no any other country has done in the whole world.This has brought a great positive impacts in hospitals and ICUs in Kenya.

No more congestion currently and for this reason, Kenya will be remembered forever after this pandemic.

The other one is Ghana which did a good work to make sure the Africa shines in the race of fighting COVID-19.

Ghana’s researchers were able to study the genomes of SARS-Cov-2 making it easier for them to understand the coronavirus.

This idea makes it easier for researchers to develop a vaccine that will prevent the spread and attack of the virus.

Ghana’s idea gives Africans hope that a vaccine will be found in Africa.

All these good work will be remembered forever by the world. It is not easy for one to make such inventories. Let us celebrate Africa.

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