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REVEALED:How Multi-Billion Project in Kedong Allegedly Linked to Raila ‘Cost’ Ledama Job in Senate

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Gatundu South member of parliament Moses Kuria has now revealed the main reason why Senator Olekina Ledama lost his new job at the senate.

According to Kuria, Ledama persistent talk of the Multi-Billion Kedong Ranch project was the main reason, linking it to ODM leader Raila Odinga as the owner.

“Dear Ledama Ole Kina. Si ulifungua mdomo kuongea juu ya Kedong Ranch ? Do you really value your life ? You think Raila Odinga owns ODM ? He owns a plot in ODM. Do you know who has the mother title for ODM ? Keep to your lane. Say ‘Ashe Oleng’ to me later,’ he said.

Ledama has been vocal in calling out the Maa Community to resist evictions to pave way for the new project.

“Truth: The Maa Nation is in a CRISIS! Our communal land ownership and pastoral life is in conflict with the modern world. Kedong ranch, which we saved for grazing over a million of our cows is gone!!Poverty is looming. Liberty for the Maa Nation cannot be an academic exercise,” Ledama tweet.

Ledama has however remain adamant in his new role and warned that he would not relinquish his new role after being overwhelmingly elected as the new chairperson of Senate County Public Accounts and Investment Committee (CPAIC).

“@RailaOdinga is on the record stating that his election has been stollen & I supported him. I was nearly killed in the last Resist Movement!,

Now what exactly does this letter mean? @orengo_james are they trying to steal my chair position! No way! I am a wrong number to mess with!,” he tweeted.

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