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Governor Mike Sonko Reveals why he’s battling Insomnia

"Don't mistake my kindness for weakness. The beast in me is sleeping, not dead"

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Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko spent most of Thursday night and Friday morning on social media where he opened up on battling insomnia in the recent days.

Sonko kept his followers entertained with funny videos and some cryptic messages that appear targeted at the national government which he has had a frosty relationship in the past two months.

At around 10pm, the governor wrote a quote insinuating that some people had taken his “kindness” for weakness after which he proclaimed himself a “beast”.

“Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. The beast in me is sleeping, not dead,” he posted the quote accompanied by the photo of a lion.

At around 2.45am, he was back on Facebook where he confessed he has been lacking sleep in the past days and turns to gospel music for solace.

“Siku hizi usingizi ikikosa mi uskiza tu Gospel kama mtu wa choir (Nowadays when I get insomnia, I listen tpo gospel music like a choir master). One of my best favourite gospel songs, HUNIACHI by Reuben kigame and Gloria muliro.”

“Below are students from THIKA SCHOOL FOR THE BLIND singing the same song. I should visit the school when schools reopen to reward the choir just for a special dedication on this powerful song,” he posted alongside a video of the choir singing.

It appears to have been a long night for the governor because at 4am, he was back to social media, this time with a funny tiktok video on how cheating husbands are surviving the quarantine.


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