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Chinese ambassador to Israel ‘found dead at home

China’s Ambassador to Israel, Du Wei, has died in his apartment in a suburb of Tel Aviv, Israeli media report.

Mr Du, 58, was found dead in his bed and the cause of his death has not yet been reported.

The Chinese Ambassador to Israel Du Wei was found dead in his Herzliya home on Sunday morning, a Foreign Affairs Ministry official confirmed. Police are currently in his home and investigating.
The Chinese embassy, however, said that it cannot confirm the reports as of yet.

The 58-year-old ambassador was a husband and father to a boy. His family are not in the country with him. He arrived in Israel to hold the position of ambassador in February. He had served as Chinese ambassador to Ukraine before that.

He had written an article for The Jerusalem Post a few days prior to his death about the resilience of the Chinese and Israeli people alike.

He was only appointed ambassador in February having previously served as China’s envoy to Ukraine.

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