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Netizens lecture Aisha Jumwa like school kid for defending DP Ruto

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Outspoken DP Ruto ally, Aisha Jumwa has been on the receiving end after being schooled when she attempted to defend the hustler nation from external attacks of city lawyer, Donald B Kipkorir.

Refuting the claims that were raised by Donald Kipkorir about the genuine relationship between Former President Daniel Moi and Former President Jomo Kenyatta when Moi was the vice president, Aisha Jumwa opposed reviving her unproven history that Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and his henchmen secretly wanted Moi out, the same mechanizations his son (Uhuru) wants to borrow to axe DP Ruto.

“Why did Jomo and his henchmen wanted Moi out? The same machinations used against the hustler nation,” she attacked.

This is after Donald B Kipkorir took to twitter and revealed a brief history of what developed in relation to the respect accorded to Late Former President Jomo Kenyatta by his the then Deputy President Daniel Moi.

“Mheshimiwa, I was in Std. 2 when a plot to stop Moi begun but from reading, it was done without blessings of Jomo or his kitchen cabinet. And Moi’s supporters never abused Jomo or his friends or his family. Your group is breaking every rule laid down to succeed Jomo,” Jumwa was lectured.

Kipkorir says Daniel Moi never disrespected Jomo Kenyatta when he was president. He further said Moi’s friends and close political allies never abused Kenyatta and that he never incited Kikuyu and Kalenjin MPs to be supercilious of the president.

“When Daniel Arap Moi was VP, he never for once disrespected Jomo Kenyatta; Moi’s friends & allies never abused Kenyatta; Moi never incited Kikuyu & Kalenjin MPs to be contemptuous of the president. Moi never attempted to eclipse Jomo. Moi was very respectful of Kenyatta,” Kipkorir had earlier said.

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