Busia Doctor Commits Suicide after another man snatched his Lover

A doctor has been found dead in his rental house at Buyofu market, Nambale sub county, Busia county in what is believed to be suicide.

Benson Wabwire aged twenty-eight years old was found Wednesday morning in the house dead by a friend he was with the previous day.

He had vomited all over the house and the smell of poison had engulfed the entire house.

Bukhayo East senior chief Gerishom Pate told journalists that the doctor who hails from Masuno village in Bungoma county, and who runs a private clinic at Buyofu market, left behind a note stating that he decided to take away his life because of a lot of stress in his life,

“I was called and told that a young man had been found dead in a rental house at the market. I came and confirmed that indeed he had died and the signs at the scene indicate he took poison. He also left behind a letter stating that he decided to kill himself because he was so stressed up in life.”

And locals who were close to him say Tuesday evening he bought food and took it to his girlfriend, a middle aged woman who sells changa’aa at the market to cook for him but after cooking, she chased him away and invited another man to eat it and later slept with her that night, “I think he was angered by the incident and decided to take away his life,” they stated.

The chief decried increasing cases of people in the area taking life in their own hands or being killed in cool blood and urged them to seek guidance from leaders and elders,

“We are so saddened by the high number of deaths of people who either kill themselves or are killed by unknown people in this area and we would like to advise our people not to die with problems in their hearts but to seek advice from us leaders or elders in the society.”

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