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Turkana County Commissioner differ with County Govt over lockdown plans.

By Manu Ekuwom

Turkana county Commissioner Mr. Wambua disagrees with the county government on plans to have Turkana on lockdown.

‘We can NOT prevent people from entering to Turkana because we are not on lockdown! The county government want us to enforce illegal lockdown, Say Mr. Wambua

CC said all the vehicles going out of Turkana to other counties, the drivers are not tested for COVID 19. Why are we forced to do so in Turkana?

‘As we speak the governor is out of the county. When he was going hos driver was not tested for COVID-19?’

We CAN NOT allow the situation of double standards in this county.

I have NO power to warrant lockdown. The deputy governor has no power to declare lockdown in Turkana.

He asked the Deputy governor who is the Chairman of Covid 19 Emergense Response Committee to talk to the MoH or CS Mutai Kagwe. And share good reasons why they want Turkana to be on lockdown.

This confirms why the National govermemt officials have conspicuously been missing in some media briefings by the county government.

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