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Leadership can be taught and learned Jack Ma

What it takes to be an effective leader


In my journey, I have been privileged to be mentored by some awesome leaders; people who have made and are still making significant global impact. I have observed these leaders up close and found commonalities amongst them . Effective leaders share common values, principles, structures, and beliefs – they display similar habits. These leaders think and operate differently from mediocre leaders. They are effective because they have a progressive worldview and practice effective habits. Here are four of those habits.

Effective Leaders Inspire Others: They do this with a tool called vision. This is a compelling perspective that becomes an intoxicating drive. Their vision is normally a picture of a better future and way of being. This picture is naturally uplifting, and the right people happily buy into their vision. The beauty of a leader’s vision is that it ignites vision and passion in others – and they are inspired to be, do, and have more.

Effective Leaders Grow Constantly: They are always learning and growing. The leaders that I know are obsessed with knowledge – they are constantly reading and expanding their scope in various ways. Personal and professional growth is constant. To these leaders, growth is oxygen. Mediocre leaders are hardly effective because they have little or no interest in growth. Effective leaders invest time, money, and effort to ensure that they keep growing – they have systems in place to ensure that growth never stops.

Effective Leaders Add Value to Others: They cause an increase wherever they go. Wherever you find an effective leader, you find prosperity and increase because their thinking makes things better where they are. When these leaders show up, they bring an uplifting essence that empowers people to perform better – they bring good ideas and other resources to help people. Effective leaders ensure that their presence creates positive results for people in practical ways. They leave people better than they found them.

Effective Leaders Value Time: I have not met an effective leader that does not value time – not one. All the ones that I know value their time and that of others. They show up promptly for their appointments and have no patience for those who do not respect time. Mediocre leaders have little or no regard for time; this is a mistake because the principle of time governs wealth creation. The lack of value for time breeds poverty because in this environment, systems breakdown. Effective leaders understand the value of time and as a result, they grow in wealth and influence.

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