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Miguna exposes Raila’s Latest Health Condition, angers Kenyans.

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Controversial self proclaimed general Miguna Miguna, an exiled lawyer from Kenya has exposed Raila’s condition that has left many so inquisitive of what is ailing him.

In a tweet that has since gone viral, Miguna Miguna explained that Raila Odinga had a bad stroke that has immobilized and rendered him unable to speak properly.

He further expressed his opinion that instead of Raila focusing on his failing health,he is obsessed politics.

Raila has been ailing for the last one month. According to reports, he travelled to Dubai for treatment.His family said he had a minor nerve disorder and he is recovering.

Last month he also came out in a recorded video by her wife to say that he is strong and fine.Matters of Raila’s health have brought a lot of tension in the BBI and Handshake.

Dr.Miguna Miguna sarcastically says in another tweet that,you should not let Raila ‘die’ of an heart attack while attending rallies.


Raila is currently at the coast region for a holiday and Kenyans are wishing him quick recovery.

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