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Kutuny Dumps Gideon Moi for DP Ruto,explains why he fell out with him (VIDEO) .

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Reality on the ground is that Kanu Chairman Gideon Moi is finding it difficult to build a solid base, and without the input of the energetic and firebrand Joshua Kutuny, his chances of ascending to the top are under threat.

Joshua Kutuny on Monday came out guns blazing, accusing the son of former President Moi of being the chief architect of Kalenjin professionals getting sacked from government.

Kutuny has faulted the Baringo Senator, terming him as wolf in sheep skin.

The New Newspaper has now revealed reasons why Kutuny has fallen out with Gideon with regard to 2022 presidential elections.

The Cherang’any MP who has been hitting headlines for fiercely criticizing DP William told the star “Gideon is now an enemy of the people of Rift Valley.

He is identifying civil servants especially CEOs and managing directors from the region then engineering their sacking on the basis that they are allied to DP.”

This followed a deal gone sour in which Kutuny had fronted Kenya Rural Roads Authority Managing Director Luka Kimeli to be appointed the Director General.

Luka Kimeli is a close ally of Kutuny and comes from his Cherang’any constituency.

Kutuny now laments that Gideon masterminded the deal that saw Baringo’s Philemon Kandie appointed as KURA Director General, much to the disappointment of Kutuny.

“We met and agreed that Kimeli will be confirmed but I was surprised to see a different name. Gideon wants to eat the fruits of Kieleweke yet he is a passive member. In fact, he has not participated in it but now wants to be the one controlling our plans,” he said.

Kutuny believed that Uhuru was on his side, arguing that the president himself had endorsed the appointment of Luka Kimeli to the position.

In a leaked audio that was trending over the weekend, Kutuny bragged that he was the mastermind of Kieleweke side of Jubilee which was instrumental in pushing out William Ruto’s allies from key positions in the senate and the national assembly.

Kutuny has now sworn to deal with him and his KANU ilk in Rift Valley, in a move that will shift the tide to William Ruto’s side.

“This was the point of departure between me and Gideon and we will deal with him and his Kanu if this is his style of leadership.”

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