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Trump Suggests ‘Men Are Insulted’ by Biden Committing to Pick Female as His VP

President Donald Trump suggested Tuesday that “men are insulted” by his opponent’s pledge to pick a woman for his running mate during a radio show appearance.

“[Joe Biden] roped himself into a certain group of people,” Trump told sports journalist Clay Travis during an interview on Travis’ Fox Sports Radio morning show, referencing the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s commitment to picking a female running mate.

Travis had asked Trump whom he believed Biden would pick and whom the president wanted Biden to pick. While Trump did not reveal any names, he did suggest that if it were him, he would’ve gone a “different route” from Biden, who said in March he would choose a woman as his vice president.

“He said that, and some people would say that men are insulted by that and some people would say it’s fine. I don’t know,” Trump told Travis, but added that, ultimately, Americans “don’t vote for the vice president.”

“They don’t vote for the vice president, like you can pick George Washington to be your vice president,” Trump suggested. “Let’s pick up Abraham Lincoln coming back from the dead. They just don’t seem to vote for the vice president.”

However, Trump said that Biden’s running mate would be more important because “Joe’s got some pretty big things going on.” Trump did not make explicitly clear what “things” he was referring to, and instead went on to tout what he saw as his administration’s current achievements.

Trump cited his polling numbers,which he said are “getting very good” and predicted they would go “even much higher” before the November election, but admitted they saw a decrease when the coronavirus pandemic arrived in the U.S. earlier this year.

“We were unbeatable. And then we got hit by the China plague, by the China virus, and obviously we got hit hard. And that affects a politician,” Trump said.

But his administration has fought back from the pandemic, Trump insisted, telling Travis he has done a “really good job with that and every other thing,” including the economy, which has “come back so strong.”

In the end, whomever Biden selects as his running mate won’t matter all that much, Trump said.

“Joe’s going to have to stand on his own two feet, and we’re doing really well,” he said.

Newsweek contacted the Biden campaign for comment, but did not hear back in time for publication.

Donald and Melania Trump
President Donald Trump and first lady Melania arrive for a roundtable discussion on the Safe Reopening of Americas Schools during the coronavirus pandemic, in the White House on July 7. Trump suggested “men are insulted” by Joe Biden’s pledge to pick a woman as his running mate during a radio show appearance August 11.JIM WATSON/AFP/GETTY

Current polls suggest Trump continues to trail Biden both nationally and in several key swing states that are necessary for Trump to win if he wants to a second term.

New nonpartisan, independent surveys in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, show that women make up a sizable portion of Biden’s already solid base, backing the former vice president by double digits. Trump had won all three of these states in 2016.

A separate YouGov poll released released last week found 57 percent of female voters surveyed nationally said they disapprove of Trump’s job as president. His disapproval among men in the same survey was at 48 percent.

Biden announcing a woman as his running mate—which is anticipated to happen as soon as Wednesday—could further deepen his support among female voters.

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