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Popular ‘Kanungo’ hitmaker Otieno Aloka arrested by police over leud lyrics

[SONKONEWS]Popular Ohangla musician and Kanungo hitmaker Otieno Aloka has finally been arrested by DCI officers in Kisumu and he is set to be arraigned.

Aloka has been awanted man because of a song that is said to be loaded with lewd lyrics that degrade women and support paedophilia.

The Kenya Film Classification Board Chief Executive Officer Ezekiel Mutua and Kisumu Woman Rep Rozah Buyu had called for the arrest of the musician for what they term as perverted lyrics aimed at polluting the minds of children

According to Mr Mutua, the board received complaints about the Ohangla video that promotes paedophilia and degrades women through the vulgar lyrics.

In the video that has been widely shared on social media platforms, Mr Aloka is seen singing with his band comprising two female dancers, two pianists, a drummer and a background vocalist.

The musician took to social media to apologise to the public following the backlash, saying the song was not meant for public consumption, but was a special request from a client from Germany.

“I never meant to disrespect women and they are the people I want to sincerely apologise to. This song was for a client,” said Mr Aloka.

But Mr Mutua said he had alerted the Director of Criminal Investigations to arrest the musician as the video was not approved by the board for public exhibition.

Mr Mutua said on Twitter that KFCB has flagged the song so that it can be pulled down as soon as possible.

Mr Mutua questioned why the singer would produce a song that is insulting women.

“Who recorded the video and why? I think the police should have by now arrested the singer and his producer. This is so wrong,” said Mr Mutua.

Mr Mutua clarified that his campaign for clean content and morality was not out of religious dogma but out of conviction that popular culture has a bearing on moral character of a society.

Ms Buyu was among the political leaders in Nyanza to condemn Mr Aloka for releasing the controversial song.

“I will not sit back and watch as an irresponsible musician [destroy] our children with dirty lyrics. I will take action against him and ensure that the song is not played anywhere,” said the Kisumu Woman Representative.

She said songs don’t have to be dirty or disrespectful to women for them to attract attention.

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