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DAVID NDII: Raila will regret working with Uhuru,he has been conned

Outspoken Former National Super Alliance (NASA) strategist and economist David Ndii continues with his scathing attack on his one-time preferred presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

In the latest series of brickbats and broadsides, Ndii took an issue with Raila’s comments suggesting regional governments would accelerate devolution effectively in all counties.

According to the political strategist, Raila’s push for a constitutional change showed he had been sacrificed and cheated by President Uhuru Kenyatta to abandon calls for people power.

He said it was time for the former prime minister go accept he made a wrong decision thus should exit the stage and go home.

“When I asked him whether handshake was a transition or succession deal, he refused to answer. Since then he’s let himself be conned by Uhuru, sacrificed electoral justice quest for gravy train and people power for “system” power. Raila, you’ve gambled and lost. Go home,”he claimed.
On Thursday, August 27, during the 10th anniversary of the 2010 Constitution at his Capitol Hill office, Raila proposed changes in the entire government structures.

“We need an inclusive government that has a president, prime minister and deputy president. Other countries like Tanzania and France have this model and it serves them well.

“A president should not be going to parliament all the time but a prime minister can go to the National Assembly to answer questions on government programmes,”he said.

Among other changes he said would make the referendum necessary was trimming the counties from 47 to 18 as had proposed been by the Bomas Draft.

“Let us have a maximum of 18 counties, much like the Bomas Draft which had between 14 and 18 and 73 administrative units. This will save Kenya some funds contrary to the propaganda of those opposed to reviewing the law. Let us have a proper working structure that serves us well,” he told journalists.
The calls for a referendum began sometimes in 2018 after the historic handshake between Uhuru and Raila when both political foes agreed to end dissent and work together.

It gained more momentum with the introduction of the Building Bridges Initiative whose members went around the country collecting views on what needed to be changed.

In his 11th address on COVID-19 situation in Kenya, Uhuru said the Constitution was adopted with the promise that it would be improved in future because it was a living document.

“Ten years later, the moment to improve on it is now. We must treat a constitution as a living document that must constantly adjust to emerging realities,” he said.

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