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OPINION :DP Ruto should bite the bullet and resign


By Mwai Wachira


It must have been painful, even traumatizing for DP Ruto supporters as they watched their man on the citizen TV interview on Thursday evening.

The DP looked pained, broken, deflated and even hopeless as he responded to questions from Joe Ageyo. The Ruto Kenyans know was gone and what was in place was a shell of his former self.

Expert in politics, communication, and body language can confirm that the interview was a disaster for Ruto even as Joe Ageyo tried to be gentle.

Ruto has never shield away from blaming the deep state for his woes and in moments of courage, he has challenged the deep state to bring in on.Maybe the deep state brought it on a long time ago, just that Ruto might be naive and doesn’t know it.

It sounded strange though when Ruto mostly blamed David Murathe and other brokers in Jubilee party for his woes and he even hinted at jumping ship at the opportune moment.

Many people must have wondered how a person who can dare the deep state can be bullied by the likes of Murathe and Atwoli to the extent of looking scared on national TV.

The issue of election rigging came up in the interview and to the surprise of many, Ruto vehemently denied that the election are rigged in this country. Yet in 2007, Kenyans who were of age saw him at the KICC bitterly protesting the rigging of Raila’s victory.

It was Ruto and James Orengo who physically protested the results from Molo and Tharaka Nithi till chairman Kivuitu had to call off the briefing.

But why should Ruto, a person who is likely to be a victim of elections rigging in 2022 defend the same vice. Most likely, he was trying to stem despondency that is likely to hit his camp with the realization that he will not be the system’s candidate come 2022.

In politics, people hate weak leaders, and if in doubt, Ruto should ask Kibaki what happened to him in 1992 when Matiba and his team labeled him ‘general kigwuoya’ or in simple terms, a coward.

Ruto on Thursday came out as a coward, a person who started a battle that he is not willing to participate in, does not even give strategy and has left his loyal lieutenants at the mercy of the enemy. His supporters in senate and national assembly were pushed out of parliament leadership and the man said and did nothing.

When he talked of crossing the river at the right time, the DP might at that right time find himself alone at the river bank, his supporters having deserted him.

From what came to the public on Thursday, Ruto and his boss have crossed the Rubicon, they are at a point of no return and will fight each to death.

Ruto in this battle is disadvantaged, though he claim to have God on his side, this might not be entirely true as the God we know of is for all of us, and everybody for himself.

Ruto in this case should bite the bullet, resign and form own political party that will give hustlers a home.

After all, the gallant Kenyans who fought for multi party foresaw what is happening to Ruto and they sacrificed to prepare a home for him and the like minded.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Citizen Daily Updates.

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