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REVEALED :How Uhuru secretly plans for Ruto’s downfall


Uhuru Kenyatta thinks a team constituted to tame his deputy William Ruto is on track doing its job well as per design and time frame.

This even as it emerges that the move to dismantle Ruto hold on Jubilee by some Uhuru factotums is motivated by a desire to control the billions the party receives annually from the political parties fund. Only Jubilee and ODM are legible to get the funding.

According to Weekly Citizen, briefing from state security agencies indicate that Uhuru was debriefed of the need to cut Ruto down to size. The head of state was informed that allowing Ruto enjoy the powers he had during Jubilee first term in power was undermining the constitution of Kenya he swore to protect.

The National Intelligence Service debriefs to Uhuru was that two centres of power existed in government one allied to him and another to Ruto. As a result, the cabinet was fully divided during the first term with ministers appointed courtesy of Ruto pledging loyalty to him and those pro-Uhuru doing the same. Uhuru was briefed in his last year of first term.

The briefs had documentations on how parastatal fatcats serving under Ruto ministries in TNA, URP power sharing formula were looting without caring what next. To crown it all was the talk that Ruto himself was brokering mega projects with Chinese firms engaged in road construction, Standard Gauge Railway, dams and energy sector to mint billions of shillings to fund his 2022 presidential bid.

The reports by multistate agencies from 2015-2017, to Uhuru all pointed to Ruto being allegedly corrupt, untrustworthy and openly disrespectful to Uhuru. In fact intelligence reports had indicated that Ruto was openly boasting to be running the country as Uhuru was holed in State House drinking or busy with his many foreign trips. Uhuru got the briefs from his trusted advisers, many of them sourced from the military but his headache was when to implement.

The reports filed just months to his second presidential bid if worked on was bound to cost the populous Kalenjin vote bloc in 2017. Thus, they were to be shelved until the right time to strike. That is after 2017 presidential race.

The political equation was paramount in shelving the implementations more so, by then ODM leader Raila Odinga had managed to form a powerful alliance bringing on board ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi, Wiper boss Kalonzo Musyoka and Ford-Kenya Moses Wetang’ula. Any political blunder that would annoy the Kalenjin community whose kingpin is Ruto was set to be detrimental. Uhuru handlers all agreed. But what is said to have annoyed Uhuru months to 2017 polls was Ruto influence in Jubilee nominations.

Weekly Citizen reports indicate that after using his parallel intelligence in government, that indicated after folding of parties to form one outfit Jubilee, Ruto aware defeating a government in power was not easy decided to influence nominations in areas where Jubilee ticket was all you needed to be a governor, senator, women rep and MP.
Briefs to Uhuru on Jubilee’s nominations, was that Ruto had pushed for nominations of politicians allied to him in Central province, Nairobi and Nakuru and of course larger Mt Kenya region. Uhuru diehards were shelved or booted out.

Major casualities were William Kabogo in Kiambu who Ruto sidelined to favour former governor Ferdinand Waititu. In Nairobi, Peter Kenneth who State House wanted against Mike Sonko to take care of Kikuyu vote bloc found the going tough in Jubilee nomination. Nominated MP Maina Kamanda was shown the door in Starehe in favour of Ruto’s candidate MP Charles Njagua. In Dagoretti South, then MP Denis Waweru was checkmated by Ruto man John Kiare. For the first time in Kenya’s history, a Kalenjin won a city MP seat in the name of Nixon Korir in Lang’ata constituency. Ruto had outsmarted Uhuru in Nairobi city politics and his own turf of Kiambu.

In Nyeri, Mutahi Kagwe, also suffered Ruto game plan in his bid to be Nyeri governor. Uhuru politicians who had lost booked an appointment at State House to meet the president and raise concerns. What they failed to understand was that he DP had planted spies at State House and got daily briefs on who Uhuru met, what time and for what.

At times, with unlimited access to State House, Ruto would disturb State House meetings Uhuru was holding if he felt the visitor was likely to disrupt his relationship with Uhuru. The Central political bigwigs eventually met Uhuru at State House to raise concerns. Tempers flared at the talks and Uhuru remark was only one, let’s soldier own and win presidency without Kalenjin brothers and the rest will come. In fact, Weekly Citizen has information at at the tail end of his first term in power, Uhuru had decided enough was enough with Ruto.

Sources told Weekly Citizen, Uhuru remarks in campaign rallies to the effect that he would rule for 10 years and leave power to Ruto was a gimmick to endear himself to the Kalenjin vote bloc. It worked well and he garnered the vote in the real and repeat presidential polls.

After the swearing-in ceremony at Kasarani Stadium and with the instruments of power in his hands, Uhuru decided to perfect reliable secret state agencies. Weekly Citizen, your favourite paper on Kenya political scene and corruption exposes has seen details of how Ruto was to be tamed in what is coded WR-Isolation from step 1 to step 12.

By then word had it that Ruto had planned to impeach Uhuru during his last one year in power to run for 2022 presidency while at State House. The Ruto control of MPs in parliament and decision to start buying MPs allied to ANC and Wiper during Uhuru second term.

Not spared were independent candidates. Uhuru took the impeachment talk as political gospel truth. He had to act or leave to regret. By then, Ruto remarks captured on social media that he was the one ruling Kenya as Uhuru was busy drinking at State House was played for the first in command. Upon seeing the clip, Uhuru is said to have scratched his head and quipped haya (ok). We are told that the president excused himself to go and smoke.

All this was happening before the cabinet had been formed to run Uhuru second term in office. This was the first step to tame and isolate Ruto. The cabinet was constituted without Ruto input weekly Citizen has established. That was in early January 5 2018. Ruto was not deeply involved in the January 18 cabinet composition. Uhuru announced few names and those of chief administrative secretary to help cabinet secretary to coordinate the running of the affairs of their respective ministries.

New faces were Margaret Kobia to be the cabinet secretary for the Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs with chief administrative secretary Rachel Shebesh. The principal secretary for Public Service and Youth was sacked Lilian Omolo, the principal secretary for Gender would then be Safina Kwekwe. Shebesh had been defeated in Nairobi women rep after Sonko decided to back ODM candidate Esther Passaris. The ministry of Devolution and Asal landed in hands CS Eugene Wamalwa, chief administrative secretary with Hussein Dado, while the principal secretary for Asal is Michael Powon. Wamalwa has openly associated with anti-Ruto forces in the cabinet. Ministry of Defence was reassigned Raychelle Omamo now at Foreign Afairs. She is an in-law of the Kenyattas. Monica Juma, now in Defence was named cabinet secretary for Foreign Affairs.

In the new cabinet, Ruto managed to have ministry of Water and Sanitation, with Simon Chelugui, the CS. Chelgui is Ruto’s man in fighting Baringo senator Gideon Moi in the local county politics. At ministry of Environment Keriako Tobiko landed the CS slot with PS Charles Sunkuli. Tobiko has no time for Ruto but the DP gets on well with Sunkuli, his business associate. The ministry of Industrialisation and Enterprise Development reassigned cabinet secretary Aden Mohammed to continue and the PS Industrialisation Betty Maina and the PS for Enterprise Development will be announced shortly.

At the plum ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development CS James Macharia, another Uhuru ally was retained. Information Communication and Technology cabinet secretary had Joe Mucheru with National Treasury and ministry of Planning cabinet secretary Henry Rotich being retained. Rotich initially thought to be Uhuru man had shifted to the DP side to cut mega deals.

He was later to be dropped from cabinet. At the ministry of Energy, CS Charles Keter, a Ruto ally was retained. But here Uhuru played games on his deputy. He removed the plum petroleum docket to form another ministry under John Munyes. Remember during Jubilee first term, parastatals falling under energy were linked to Ruto 2022 fundraising acitivites. Kenya Pipeline Company, Kenya Power, Geo Thermal Development Authority, Ketraco, Kengen were all seen as milk cows.

Although Keter was at Energy with Munyes taking over petroleum as CS, Uhuru had a plan B to further cut Ruto’s influence in the Energy sector. Sources say armed with briefs and files, Uhuru was only waiting for the right time to strike. The whole plot was to remove his deputy’s errand boys from all parastatals in the lucrative energy sector.

One of the briefs Uhuru had was that Chinese investors were being forced to part with billions of shillings to land lucrative tenders in the Energy sector. It was not surprising then that when Directorate of Criminal Investigations had George Kinoti at the head, the energy sector was his first assignment with full blessings of Uhuru and his kitchen cabinet.

At Kenya Power , MD Kennedy Tarus and top managers were arrested to face criminal charges. At Kenya Pipeline former, MD Joe Sang was not spared either. Ruto roots in the energy sector had been cut. From the Energy parastatals, Uhuru had briefs on corruption in Irrigation ministry. It is said that whereas during the first term Eugene Wamalwa was the CS, Ruto had the principal secretary, the ministry accounting officer as his pointman. The PS Fred Segor was instrumental in the famous multibillion dam scandals that led to the downfall of Rotich from Treasury.

Ruto name featured prominently in the dams scams. As the DP and his allies cried in public the Kalenjin community was being targeted, Uhuru was all smiles claiming when one steals, it is not the entire community stealing. For now, the Energy sector and Irrigation which was used by Ruto men is no longer in his control. The parastatals are now headed by Kikuyus as the Kalenjin wing in Jubilee complain.

At the the plum irrigation ministry, Chelugui was hounded out to land at less lucrative Labour while CS Sicily Kariuki was moved from another strategic Health to Water replacing Chelugui.

Kenyans are however yet to see any difference and believe it is not business unusual at Irrigation and Water. The Health docket is now under Kagwe. At the now empty Treasury where Rotich oversaw quick payments of firms linked to DP 2022 sponsors is in the hands of CS Ukur Yatani, an ally of Uhuru. Weekly Citizen has information that a section of Uhuru handlers wanted a Kikuyu to replace Rotich at National Treasury but Uhuru told them off saying, Kenyans is for all tribes and his legacy is to leave behind a united nation even if he fails in certain areas. Even as Uhuru talks of national unity, his Kikuyu tribe are in charge of lucrative parastatals and ministries after hounding out Ruto henchmen raising suspicion that the changes were for ulterior motives. But even as Ruto was crying foul, more was waiting for him.
That was to cripple his powers and influence in cabinet with Uhuru blessings. Weekly Citizen has information that Uhuru strategist were given 14 days to work on the formular. Fear was then that Ruto could still call CSs, PSs or parastatal fat cats to influence tender awards and payments.

Those given the duty came up with the powerful position. That of having sweeping powers on the oversight of government programmes. It was handed to Interior cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’i. Ruto was caught off guard as Uhuru announced Matiang’i would chair a key committee on the implementation of development programmes, whose membership includes all cabinet secretaries, the Attorney General and Head of the Public Service. Those involved had secretly sneaked in the position of prime minister or chief minister in Jubilee leadership structure. What those behind the move failed to understand was the political impact it was to create in Gusiiland where Ruto enjoyed support. Ruto allies to oppose Matiang’i were turned to politics as his community rallied behind him. Matiang’i factor helped Uhuru tame Ruto’s powers in cabinet and lose his Kisii support that has seen majority of MPs once allied to the DP camp desert it in favour of Matiang’i. According to Executive Order number 1 of 2019 signed in Mombasa, Matiang’i reports to the president.

Matiang’i chairs the National Development Implementation and Communication Cabinet Committee whose vice-chairperson is National Treasury and Planning CS Yatani. Still in cabinet, Ruto sympathisers, Mohammed Rashid then Sports and Agriculture and Irrigation cabinet secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri were sacked. Matiang’i had effectively used the provincial administration to dismantle Ruto countrywide tours.

Uhuru had been briefed, his deputy was roaming around the country undermining his presidency at times initiating unbudgeted projects to win popularity ahead of 2022. Sources told us that a decision to have provincial security not attend Ruto functions was to make then unofficial and private like church functions.

Without state machinery on his side courtesy of what Ruto calls those in the system, the DP is feeling the heat. Uhuru concerns has been Ruto control of parliament and senate. A paper was prepared how to counter and this was part of which led to handshake politics and BBI initiative.The handshake politics was to tame Ruto control of the legislative as he always boasted.

For now, sources claim going with the impeachment of former Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu in parliament, Uhuru and ODM leader control the senate. Ruto allies in the senate led by Senator Kipchumba Murkomen had tried to save Waititu but failed. The BBI rallies that had Uhuru, Raila, Cotu boss Francis Atwoli, a number of governors were all aimed at forming a government of national unity. It has Uhuru support. Uhuru wants Kalonzo to be part of the next government just like Kanu party leader, Gideon Moi.

On Easter Monday, as Ruto allies were battling changes in Jubilee, Atwoli at his Kajiado home hosted Raila, Jubilee vice chairman David Murathe, Wamalwa, Senator James Orengo and MP Junnet Mohammed. Information we have is that at one time, Raila excused himself and went out to receive a phone call. It is suspected the call was from Uhuru. The talks centered on the formation of government of national unity based on former eight provincial administrative structures. The meeting was at Atwoli massive Idamat, Kajiado county.

Another agenda discussed in the meeting was how to navigate and steer the country if Uhuru and Ruto part ways.

Currently Uhuru wants to keep Ruto allies busy with politics surrounding impromptu changes to the composition of the National Management Committee the president is said to be well aware of. Uhuru decision to keep quiet despite Ruto tweeting, “The President and party leader of the Jubilee Party did not and cannot be a party to any fraudulent and illegal changes to officials of our party. This is the work of political rejects, conmen and fraudsters whose party allegiance is already elsewhere. They should give us a break and leave Jubilee Party alone,” has left many wondering. Ruto tweeted. According to Registrar of Political Parties Anne Nderitu, documents presented to her office effecting changes, were signed by bona fide officials as required by law. We have information that Ruto spies at State House that included former State House Comptroller Lawrence Lenayapa, members of recently sacked Presidential Strategic Comunication Unit were on Ruto payroll. The arrival of former Nakuru Governor Kinuthia Mbugua as State House comptroller was aimed at clearing the spiesfrom state house.

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