REVEALED :10 Things Prohibited in Prophet Owuor’s Church

There a number of things that followers of Prophet Owuor are prohibited from doing. These things are said to be the reason why many might miss the kingdom of God.

According to Prophet Dr Owuor, Jesus Christ is almost coming and only those who have been listening to him will be raptured. Therefore, the following things are regarded evil in Repentance and Holiness church.

1. Drinking alcohol and wine. Unlike some churches which some members secretly involve in taking wine and alcohol based drinks. Such drinks are not allowed in the ministry run by Prophet Dr Owuor.

2. False testimony. All testimonies given in Repentance and Holiness church are substantiated with facts that can be proven beyond reasonable doubt that indeed it happened.
The other part of it is bearing false witness against others. The culprits are always excommunicated and banned from participating in their services.

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3. Dating. Relationships between women and men are always discouraged unless its made official by the senior pastors. Otherwise, it’s regarded as immorality.

4. Wickedness. Living a reckless, Godless and very sinful life will be regarded as wickedness and therefore the victims will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

5. Watching movies. Those who get enticed with movies as they switch channels and later end up watching. The evil programs include Hollywood, soap operas, action, bongo and local movies. Even students in primary and in high school are not supposed to participate in entertainment.

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6. Slander. This one is highly prohibited.

7. Murder. This includes harboring hatred and anger. The bible says whoever hates his brother is as good as murderer. Therefore, hatred is equivalent to murder.

8. Theft. These also involve students who steal from others in schools. Any form of theft is regarded evil and therefore culprits stand a chance of entering hell.

9. Immoral dressing. This includes miniskirts, trousers among ladies and T shirts among men in church. Pocketing in blue jeans is also regarded as evil. Those who dress in any form of dressing that’s immoral owe the Lord genuine repentance. Below is a photo of how they are supposed to dress:

10. Corruption. People in Repentance and Holiness church are prohibited from involving themselves in corruption. They do not give or receive bribes. Those who does it secretly are eventually brought to light and thereafter excommunicated from the church.

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Above are some few things that these people do not do. People might have different views and opinions but the standards of heaven remain unchanged and that’s holiness.

All are encouraged to make peace with all everyone and be holy for without which no one will see God.

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