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Woman Gives Birth To Twins From 2 Different Men, Her Husband And Her Lover

A Chinese woman learned about heteropaternal superfecundation in the most terrible way. The cheater got exposed!

The story of a woman from Xiamen City, China shocked the entire world. Most people didn’t even think that something like this is possible. Well, the human body is the greatest mystery in the history of mankind.

Guess what… It can even expose a cheating soul! Well, it may seem hilarious to you, but this woman received the most shocking gift in her life. She was carrying twins. Well, the kids weren’t really twins. Or something like that.

Believe it or not, the woman was carrying the child of her husband and her lover. Can you believe it?

The husband noticed that one of the babies looks different. The baby had a different nose and his eyes were sort of… different. The mouth, too.

Ultrasound baby image

Couples register the birth of their babies to the local police station. They have to prove that the babies are their children. Paternity tests are definitely proof. Well, that’s when things got messy.

The paternity test showed that the husband was in no way related to one of the babies. His wife said she had never cheated on him.

Twin babies

She did cheat. The lady had a one-night stand. One of the babies was a fraternal twin so the husband could easily notice that it doesn’t look like him at all.

The devastated dad promised to take care of his baby, but refused to have anything to do with the other baby.

Dad holding baby

Have you ever heard of heteropaternal superfecundation? It’s a phenomenon that is found in 1 of 13,000 fraternal twins. It happens to women who sleep with another man within a day and if she has more than one egg. The lady was busted, and her own body went against her.

Cheating never pays off, right?


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