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Former ODM strategist Wafula Buke Reveals Amazing similarities between Raila Junior and his father, Raila

Former Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) director of political affairs Wafula Buke have penned a striking similarities between Raila Junior and his father Raila Odinga.

Buke’s revelations come barely days after Raila Junior launched a scathing attack on his father’s Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party and its officials, accusing them of losing focus.

Raila Junior, Mr Odinga’s third born child, also blasted party director of elections Junet Mohamed’s stand on the arrest of Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi.

According to Wafula Buke, Raila Junior has amazing similarities with his father.

“The boy said what Jean Seroney referred to in 1976 as “obvious” when asked whether KANU was dead. ODM is truly sick.” he wrote.

“Nobody has explained Raila Odinga’s face scar. Reportedly, the father hit him when they met after the assassination of Tom Mboya. Jaramogi was angry with his son for organising a demo in Germany mourning Jaramogi’s enemy. No wonder, he made Mboya’s Assistant Minister deputy leader of NDP a thing the father would never do. Apparently junior has his ways too.”

” Those who claim Raila was crowned by his father hence a member of the Dynasty club in Kenya are wrong. Its James Orengo who was crowned by Jaramogi and should be associated with the dynasty. Raila worked his way up and often disagreed with the father just like Raila Junior.”

“At All Saints Cathedral, while Jaramogi was addressing people, Raila walked in disrupting the father’s meeting as tho he was counterbalancing the father. “Nyamazeni, huyo ni Raila tu, nyamaza tafathali niongee” the old boy pleaded. Junior is not different.”

” Jaramogi relied more on Oyangi Mbaja, a maragoli revolutionary than Rao to manage FORD. Mzee always had Mbaja at his side during media conferences. In fact towards the end Mbaja fell out with baba. Junior’s independence has roots in Raila himself.” Buke reiterated further

During the 2017, Buke said he organized a team to change Raila’s chosen managers of the presidential selection agents system.

Ambushed by his enemies in Raila’s big brains meeting, he couldn’t argue his case well.

“Baba chastised me and ordered me out of the exercise. Raila junior sought my opinion later and encouraged me. We took over the exercise and kicked out “suspects”.” he said.

Buke went further revealing that Raila worshipped his mother just like his son, Raila junior does.

“Raila fainted at his mother’s grave weeping and pulling grass off his mother’s grave after detention. On the other hand, those who attended Jaramogi’s funeral recall that while Oburu broke down in tears after reading the eulogy, Raila mourned his father like a comrade, no tears.” he said.

“Every time Raila was detained, jaramogi always asked those who informed him “which one (child) has been arrested?” The answer would be Raila. “No problem. That one will come back” it never was an emotional relationship. I lack the guts to describe Raila’s reaction when he saw his dota Rosemary in Aga Khan hospital.”

” Whom do you think Raila would choose to succeed him in the family? Your guess is right. Again just like Jaramogi did. Long live junior!” he said.

But while responding to Raila Junior’s tweets, former National Super Alliance (Nasa) CEO Norman Magaya asked him “to stop acting smart.”

“In war, those who seek to sound politically correct seldom last. Stop seeking to sound the sober in the midst of war! Attacking party cadres to look good is a new low from you. Come on!” Mr Magaya said.

Raila Junior, like his younger sister Winnie, have both taken interest in the political activities of their father, with the latter accompanying her father in trips and key meetings.

Back in 2017, Rosemary Odinga, Odinga’s eldest daughter and second born child, announced her bid for the Kibra parliamentary seat but later shelved her ambitions after she was taken ill. She is still in recovery and has not indicated whether she will throw her hat in the ring again.

Mr Odinga’s first born child, Fidel, died in 2015.

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