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Kenyans React to The Standard Newspaper’s Headline About Raila’s new plan to Flatten DP Ruto political curve

By Daniel GM

Kenyans on Facebook,they have reacted to the standard newspaper headline about Deputy President William Ruto and Former prime minister Raila Odinga.

The standard Headline,Raila’s New plan to flatten Ruto curve.” According to this headline,ODM party leader in aggressive drive to checkmate Deputy President’s early campaign through Countrywide rallies.

By Building momentum for launch of BBI report.Raila goes on charm offensive to restore public confidence in him.

Kenyans Reactions on Facebook:

Elizabeth:We Pray that God gives them a chance to live on and see the annointed one being declared the 6th prezo…he is chosen… we can not live in misery again…sema Amen.

Henry:Which plans Kenya let’s be serious mzee amekuja but won’t win,hustle 2022 mark my words PRESIDENT JAH HENRY VOICE OF WESTERN.

Sing:At this rate hawezani na ruto hata kidogoRutos star is raising and is brighterRailas is falling and becoming dim and dimmer.

Limo:Ooliskia wapi? This weekend WSR is going to RAO bedroom for the first.. The headline could have been.. RUTO’S NEW PLAN TO FLATTEN RAIL CURVE.

Cliff:I wish we had news papers like new York times in Kenya. You can easily predict the headline of this very local papers. It’s, about Uhuru, Ruto or Raila. As if that is where Kenya starts and ends at the same time. And you will see the editor walking like hes done any work. Laziness of the highest order.

Belito:Gukaa mzima hana strategy yake,,, mpango ni kuchomea a 49 year old lol ….. gukaa ajiheshimu na auze sera zake.


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