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REVEALED :Reason Why Many People Die In July-August Every Year.

Most of the deaths have been reported to happen every July and August of every year. In these two months is when we experience a lot coldness everywhere in the country.

But most of us have been wondering why more people are dieing in July and August and most of the deaths are not accident but may occur due to illness.

Many deaths have been occurring due to coronary thrombosis.

Coronary thrombosis is the formation of blood clot inside the blood vessel of a heart. When the blood clot is formed it might slows down or otherwise cuts the blood which flows to the heart that causes heart tissue damage or heart attack.

High rate deaths during July and August are due to haemo concentration which are a result of fluid shift during cold season. So some people might be sick even before the cold season and they fail to die but when cold season come they die. That is where you here more case like your neighbor is no more, you receive news from another village that someone has passed away and many others.

So this coronary thrombosis is there to speed the death of people who their immune are low and they have other diseases. Many people who die during this cold season of July are old people. Remember most these old people have poor houses and weak immune system.

Many people think that July and August are Evil months and the devil is walking around killing people which is a pure lie. Coronary has no symptoms but only common warning symptoms which are chest pain, shortness of breath and upper body discomfort.

Remember those who die August are those have been sick or they have other body problems.

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