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Viral Video of Turkana goat feeding on beer warms the internet.

By Turkana Talks

At Heshima Tree, in Lokitaung Town – Turkana North, you will always meet this white goat, called ‘Mzungu’ . Mzungu, is a name derived from the colour of the skin.

Mzungu feeds on beer, especially Guinness’ favourite drink’ Heshima Tree is an old, famous facility in Lokitaung with a bar, restaurant, and accommodation facilities.

Speaking to Turkana Talks, Mr. Ben Ekai, the owner, said Mzungu consumes not a whole bottle but atleast 3/4s of Guinness. He takes a long rest there after. Ben makes sure Mzungu earns a beer daily just to keep him on diet daily.

The question is, Beer for goats? Yes, indeed! Beer, in fact, for many other farmyard creatures as well. Horses, sheep, goats, cows, and pigs all benefit from a good beer when they aren’t feeling up to snuff.

According to our source, beer is good especially when your animal is off his feed.

The yeast in Guinness, Saccharomyces cervisia, is a component in better-quality probiotic supplements. Hops are used as a digestive aid and a treatment for intestinal ailments in traditional Chinese medicine; one of the phytochemicals in hops, quercitin, is a powerful anti-inflammatory antioxidant.

The malted barley in Guinness is a fine source of B-vitamins and of the minerals iron, copper, manganese, and selenium. Recommended amounts to feed on an ongoing basis, according to Guinness

Apart from the family that raises Mzungu, rest of residents of lokitaung are shocked by this new behaviour in animals. As many call Mzungu, Itwaan to mean a humanbeing.

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Courtesy :  Turkana Talks

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