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REVEALED :David Ndii Reveals The Amount Of Money Raila Received From Evans Kidero In 2017 to retain his seat

Former NASA Strategist David Ndii has exposed finer details of the amount of money Raila’s ODM party received from former Nairobi County Governor Evans Kidero in 2017 in his bid to retain the Nairobi gubernatorial seat.

But things failed to work in favor of both Evans Kidero who lost the seat to Mike Sonko while Raila lost to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

According to the information, the former Governor used Sh 53 millions in setting up his campaign centre to run his operation and another Sh 37 millions was spent on his party, the Orange Democratic party (ODM), the party led by the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Raila Odinga has also been allegedly accused of extorting money from governors allied to ODM party for protection against government agencies like the EACC and the DCI.

David Ndii has been exposing Raila Odinga and his allies as well as many corruption cases and handouts that thrives in the ODM Party.

Whatever happened between Raila Odinga and his former ally has never been revealed but some people associates the fall out with the handshake.

In one of his first interviews since he lost the seat, Evans Kidero confessed that Nairobi has varied vested interests and it is hard to please everyone and develop the city into a world-class metropolis.

He talked on his life outside politics, from City Hall to court benches on charges he says are politically instigated. He says he’s bravely facing his demons, and adds that he will be vindicated. “I concentrated more on laying foundations for the city’s development even as I took a back seat in talking too much or engaging in politics like my opponents did,” Kidero said.

Among the pioneer governors in the devolved system of governance in 2013, Kidero prides himself in introducing a modern management system at City Hall, which had been run haphazardly for decades. “My administration laid plans for the modern housing projects in Pangani, Ngara, Parklands, Woodley and others being implemented now.”

He also said he got funds to build a fresh produce market on Kangudo Road, build a maternity wing at Mbagathi Hospital and upgrade Mutuini Hospital to a Level Four facility.

“We built the Ring Road that joins Westlands to Kilimani, Ngara to Kariokor and Shauri Moyo. We also built the road in Waithaka,” he said.


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