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Tana River: Woman Disappears With Daughter’s KSh 170k Dowry, Leaves Elders Puzzled

– Ann Maweni had invited her in-laws as elders in the dowry payment ceremony of her daughter

– As soon as the dowry was paid, she disappeared with it and left the elders with nothing

– Maweni later explained that she had escape with the money because the elders did not deserve to enjoy it at all

– She said the elders abandoned her and her daughter when her husband died over 19 years ago
A Tana River woman has puzzled her in-laws after escaping with KSh 170,000 paid to her as part of her daughter’s dowry.

Ann Maweni had invited her kinsmen from her late husband’s side of the family to the ceremony in which her daughter’s suitor was set to pay her hefty bride price.

According to a report by Daily Nation, Maweni served the guests and the elders food during the ceremony but immediately vanished with the cash before the end of the function out of fear that her kinsmen would shortchange her.

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According to her sister Veronica Meilu, the woman later sent a text message telling her to wrap up the ceremony with a vote of thanks.

It is at this point that the elders realised the woman had disappeared with the money but they waited until the guests left to delve into the matter.

“I was not aware of my sister’s plans, but here I was being put to task, to explain how we stole the dowry and where my sister was,” said Meilu.
The furious elders decided they would report the matter to the police and that is when Maweni called her sister and asked to speak on speaker so that the elders could hear her.

She explained that she had escaped with the money because the elders did not deserve it at all.

“After the demise of my husband, you sent me away with nothing but my daughter. You took my son away, and he later died in your hands. Then, you said that the community had no use for a girl child,” she told the elders on phone.
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The woman said she had single-handedly raised her daughter when the elders abandoned her with the income from her small business and thus did not deserve to enjoy any of the money that had been paid as dowry.

Maweni revealed she had planned to escape with the money with her son-in-law. They swapped the bags which had the money with another one full of lesos.

“I have left you with female wrappers to wear since you did not stand for a widow, at her time of need,” she said

Source:Racheal Nyaguthie

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