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Stella’ asks for help to fight skin condition

Stella’ asks for help to fight skin condition
She needs Sh150,000 for medical bills as skin ailment ravages her
In Summary
• She can’t get shows due to the condition and corona killed her production business
Former Machachari actress ‘Mama Stella’ has appealed to Kenyans of goodwill to help her raise Sh150,000 to cater to her medical expenses and upkeep.

Real name Clara Wamaitha, alias Cindy, she played the role of an irresponsible mother to Stella, who was also a drunkard.

Speaking in a YouTube interview with Hiram Maina, the mother of two detailed her struggles living with vitiligo, a condition in which the skin loses its pigment cells, resulting in discoloured patches.

“Before the show ended, I spotted some slight colouring on my hand. I wasn’t keen on my skin but later on, I came to regret it,” she said.

She said medication has become a burden for her and her family, causing her to fall into depression.

“I have gone to all the hospitals and spent a lot. My daughter funded that. At times I became depressed since I knew that with the skin change, there was going to be no shows for me,” she said.

“I would like to set up a business that will make me a bit stable.”

Battle with self and the high cost of treatment
Reflecting on her time on the show, she thanked fans for their love.

“I cannot brag as being the best actress who played ‘Mama Stella’ since there was someone else before me, but I attribute my success to all my fans,” she said.

“Some people have wanted to beat me in the streets because of the role. For example, kuna time nilikula fees ya Stella, karibu watu wanichape kwa streets.”

She said since then she became careful and would avoid going out of the house any weekend as there were people who did not understand that was just a role.

“For one to deliver good acting, you have to create a good rapport with other characters,” she said.

“Machachari built me and although I used to cause trouble with my role. I am a good mother to my children.”

She said she will encourage other young people to do even better than her.

After the show, she started a production business until corona hit the country.

“Everyone in that show built each other. There was love in that show. After Machachari, life has not been easy,” she said.

“During that time, I could take loans but now, nothing. I can’t since I do not have any income-generating business. My daughter graduated with a first-class honours degree in forensic science. She is a fingerprint expert and my son is also a graduate.”

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