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Concerns Raised Over Uhuru’s Health And He Was Spotted Coughing With Increased Body Weight

Kenyans have raised concerns over president Uhuru Kenyatta’s health after he was spotted coughing. The president just made a normal cough while reading through a speech in Congo. Social Media DCIs have questioned his health status raising speculations online.

In addition most of the Kenyans have realised that the president has increased his body weight. In a photo going round the social media, Kenyans have compared how the president used to look like when sat on the presidential seat and how he is right now. The immense increase in weight have made Kenyans to doubt his health status and even some speculating that Uhuru could be in the risk to contacting weight related diseases.

However is is clear that the president is in good health and any speculations about his health could be pretty rumours. The president is in a three day visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo and this is a clear indication that he is in good health. What are you views about the increased body weight of president Uhuru Kenyatta? Share your views on the comment section.

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