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Chief Justice Is Already Known, Senator Cherargei, Otiende Amollo Insist On Court Boldness

In the morning show on Citizen TV, on state of the nation programme, Kericho senator has unmasked his strong position saying that he knows the next Chief Justice and added that Kenyans know too. Furthermore, he says that the next chief justice has already been interviewed this week eliciting laughter to his fellow panelists.
The interviews for the next chief justice are still in progress and so far eight candidates have been interviewed. The Commission shall come up with one name whereby it shall be vetted in parliament and appointment will follow suit by the President.
While still in the morning show Honourable Otiende Amollo lauded and defended the court in its recent ruling concerning the officials who are illegally in office.
Amollo sided with the court explaining that the constitution says that every time a new regime comes in power then those that require vetting in various capacities by parliament ought to take the necessary procedures even if they have been in the former regime for instance cabinet secretaries. He however, disagreed with the judge postponing the ruling until a time covid 19 surge has reduce.
He said when you engage in law affairs, one needs to be bold and defend the law. The judge was right according to the constitution but he should not have suspended the ruling, those were Otiende Amollo’s views.
The country is waiting for the next chief justice as judicial service commission is carrying its mandate of identifying suitable candidate to replace David Maraga.
We should be patient and wait for the process to end, instead of casting invalid aspirations.

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