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The consuming fire of corona, Photos From India

The World in Tears

The Coronavirus Pandemic is one of the biggest things that have happened to the world over the past two years and which will take decades to forget. India, with it’s intense ability in health solution has not been left aside by the glimpse of this virus.

Just like any other nation across the globe, India found itself struggling with the fight against this killer disease. Before it came, the world thought and surely believed that this country had the best health facilities and services than any other nation. However, what’s happening is shocking.

According to the most recent trend in the state of Coronavirus in India, it has since been established that the country has been, over the recent past, the most hit by the virus. It has come to the knowledge of the media that India’s state of deaths related to COVID-19 is almost coming beyond control.

On the saddest note, in line of the fact that India doesn’t burry her people, but burns the bodies of the dead, the increased deaths have overwhelmed the institutions that are charged with the responsibility of burning these bodies and now families forced to burn their relatives.

According to photos that have since gone viral across the world, health workers and institutions are moving round the major towns and cities fumigating the streets to control the spread of the virus. In the market places and in the streets, health workers are seen providing urgent services including provision of oxygen to people with difficulties in breathing.

These photos have left the world in tears:

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