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Passengers Who Survived a Plane Crash Were Forced to Eat Their Dead Friends for 72 Days Morbid_Tales


A Uruguayan rugby team had planned a 4 day trip from Uruguay to Santiago in Chile. There were 45 passengers on board the plane they used. However a navigation error by the pilot caused the aircraft to crash on one of the cliffs of the mountain range in Argentina. Out of the 45 passengers only 32 survived the initial impact with many sustaining serious injuries.

Nobody was dressed, packed or prepared for the hostile environment of the mountain ranges. The surviving passengers put on what clothing they could find from retrieved baggage and huddled together in the destroyed plane for warmth.
On day 2 the sighting of a search plane lifted their hopes as they thought it was now a matter of time before they were rescued unfortunately due to the presence of snow the search plane hadn’t seen the white remains of the aircraft.
As they waited for rescue they rationed the tiny amount of chocolate and liquor they had on board. The days ticked by and 5 more survivors succumbed to the injuries they’d sustained and by day 15 only 24 remained alive.

The little food they had soon ran out and there were no animals or vegetation that could be served since they were on top of a snow filled mountain peak. After 10 days of eating nothing the group made the decision to feed on the bodies of the deceased that had been frozen by the perpetual snow of the mountains.

Sixteen days after the plane crashed an avalanche buried the survivors claiming the lives of eight more people. During the following weeks three more young men would die from infections in their wounds while the strongest young people in the group made several expedition attempts to find a way out of the mountains.

Fortunately two members of the team were able to make it over the mountains and find help. Finnaly the 14 remaining survivors were rescued and returned home after spending 72 days in the frozen mountains. These 14 people surprised the world by surviving for two months with no food except for the frozen remains of their dead friends.

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