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Positioning: Uhuru Portrait in Ruto’s Office Sparks Debate

Deputy President William Ruto on Sunday evening April 25 held a meeting with Kenyans in diaspora on Zoom.

After DP Ruto shared images of the meeting, a section of Kenyans was quick to notice the presence of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s official portrait placed next to the deputy president’s.

Under normal circumstances, this would not raise any eyebrows but Kenyans observed that Ruto’s portrait was much larger than his boss’.

The side-by-side placement made the DP’s photo appear to be towering over Uhuru’s, sparking criticism from President Kenyatta’s supporters.

Newton Karanja, a staunch supporter of the head of state said that being an official government office, the president’s portrait should have prominence over all others.

“Ruto in his official office of the Deputy President has enlarged his portrait to be bigger than that of the President who is his boss. Tell me what this is. The President is still the boss even in DP’s office.

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“If the portrait was in Ruto’s house I wouldn’t have a problem, but his office? Tell me what goes on in his mind which is unseen,” Karanja criticized.

In another photo of the DP’s office taken earlier in the year, Ruto’s portrait was placed at the top of a high cabinet, while the President’s was placed on a low cabinet behind the DP’s chair.

Speaking to, Dennis Itumbi who works for the DP explained that the head of state’s photo is standard size and should not be altered.

“The deputy president doesn’t have an official portrait. It was a gift from a hustler and he decided to place it high up to encourage them to work hard,” he stated while dismissing the critics.

In multiple interviews, Ruto has maintained that he holds his relationship with the president in very high regard, insisting that he has never disrespected him.

During a recent sit down with Citizen TV’s Linus Kaikai Ruto said that people around Kenyatta were seeking to frustrate him in order to push him out of the government.

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“There are people who believe they can push me to resign but I want to remind them that I was elected. I am not going to give them the opportunity to celebrate their effort to push me out of government,” he affirmed.

Deputy President William Ruto speaking with Margaret Njambi whose video went viral at Karen, Nairobi on February 24, 2021

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