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All Eyes Of Kenyans Are Set On The President Who Is Expected To Address The Nation Soon.

The eyes of many kenyans are actually set on the president of the republic of Kenya who is expected to address the nation soon following the reports from the ministry of health. Kenyans are expecting good news from the president who definitely locked the five counties that were found to be the epicentre of the virus.

Yesterday, the ministry of health cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe created some hopes in kenyans while speaking in Kilifi county. Basing on the data given yesterday where 495 new cases were reported out of a huge total sample was tested; 4950 samples. He again reported that a good number of people have received the astrazeneca vaccine while 272 victims recovered from the disease. But the sad remained in the hearts of kenyans after reporting 19 fatalities bringing to a total 2, 070 deaths.

As per yesterday’s information, the country is at a positivity rate of 10.0 per cent. He referred to this as a decrease compared to what had been recorded in the previous weeks. The positivity rate has been ranging between 10% as from Monday and he said that if kenyans will continue observing all Covid-19 protocols then there are high chances of reducing the infection rate and the country be reopen soon.

Immediately he finished his speech, kenyans started reacting on the updates requesting the president to reopen the nation.

This was after the cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe said that the curve was tending towards flattening. My point of concern on the same, do you think the president will respond to their request positively with the current 10% positivity rate? Drop your opinion in the comment section also remember to like and share.

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