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Good news for teachers

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Good news to Teachers:Budget Set for Urgent Recruitment of 25,000 Teachers and 12,000 Intern Teachers.

All unemployed teachers,Board Of Management teachers and current Intern teachers for both primary and secondary schools have a reason to smile as opportunities for permanent and pensionable employment is here soon. This good news to teachers increases chances of many trained teachers both young and older in the field to get job.

This week the government treasury was in a move to slash the 2022 budget for recruiting teachers on both permanent and internship basis so that together with the upcoming 2021 Budget can be used to urgently back up the exercise.

Fortunately,the Teachers Service Commission through her boss Nancy Macharia has finally confirmed to public that the government has finally re-allocated the slashed budget for urgent mass employment of teachers.

The T. S.C will be now in a better position to carry out it’s mandate of employing more teachers to curb the huge gap that keeps on widening every year due to the 100% transition.

Early the commission had targeted to recruit 25,000 teachers on permanent and pensionable terms at a cost of 10.75 billion Kenyan shillings . On top of this 12,000 interns teachers are to be recruited with an estimated cost of 2.4 billion kenyan shillings.

This recruitment process is now expected to be done on July to July just immediately after the commencing of 2021 financial year. Coincidentally this will be also the commencing of the 2021 Academic year for secondary and primary schools whereby form ones will be admitted as well as PP1 kids joining school and the grade 5 pupils moving to their last set of 2 years in primary education.

Due to greater number of pupils who did 2020 K.C.P.E Exams and the 100% initiative, their is a lot of possibility that out of 25,000 slots of permanent basis, over 17,000 or more slots will be allocated to secondary schools. This may also be reflected in allocation of more interns slots to high school and lesser to primary school.

Even in previous years we have seen secondary schools being given over 65% of slots both in permanent recruitment and interns.

It is our hope and prayers for the government and commission to humbly fulfill this plan.

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