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How possible is it to stop police intimacy: cs matiangis moves

The Ministry of Interior & Coordination of National Government led by Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiangi is allegedly on the verge of passing a law banning all police officers from having intimate relationship with each other.

Matiangi on Thursday, stated that his ministry is working on new rules that will restrict any kind of intimate relationship between two officers of the law. He further stated tough disciplinary actions will be taken to any officer found flouting the rules.

According to the ministry, the new rules are among measures being introduced to curb with the rising crimes of passion.

In the recent weeks, cases involving police officers killing each other over love triangles has been reported. The new measures are meant to reduce and avoid such scenarios from occurring again.
Kenyans reacted to the new developments with majority terming the move as a selfish one stating that everyone has the right to love any person he or she wishes. Others congratulated the ministry stating it will ensure more professionalism in the field.
Your views ladies and gentlemen?

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