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North-korea nuclear deal

China’s ambassador to the United Nations took the rotating presidency of the Security Council on Monday (May 3) by calling on the Biden administration to ease the economic pressure campaign on North Korea and engage in dialogue.

Referring to a recently completed White House review of North Korea policy, Chinese Ambassador Zhang Jun said: “We hope the result of the review will give more importance to diplomatic efforts, to dialogue, instead of emphasising too much the importance of extreme pressure.”

“Based on what we have seen in the past years we do believe that diplomatic efforts represent the right direction,” said Mr Zhang, who will lead the Security Council for the month of May.

The envoy’s comments come after US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said on Sunday the Biden administration’s policy towards North Korea “is not aimed at hostility” but at “achieving the complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula”.

North Korea has labelled President Joe Biden’s comment that the Pyongyang’s nuclear program is a threat as “intolerable”.

It’s not clear whether any US approach to North Korea would persuade Kim Jong Un’s regime to give up its nuclear weapons program.
Even as Mr Kim and then-President Donald Trump met three times and developed a personal rapport, North Korea continued to develop its nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missile programme.

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