Otiende Amollo fears removal

Rarieda Member of Parliament Otiende Amollo claims there are plans to kick him out of JLAC. Photo: Otiende Amollo.

The 27-member committee is led by the respective co-chairs Kangema MP Muturi Kigano and Nyamira Senator Okong’o Omogeni.

Otiende read malice and politics in plans to kick him out of the committee mandated with the implementation report of the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment Bill) 2020.
“The Vicissitudes Of Politics. So, The Schemers Want Me Out Of JLAC. I Will Take It In Grace and Stride,” Otiende wrote on his Twitter account.
On Saturday, May 1, Otiende, while speaking in Alego Usonga, said that what is important at the moment is to pass the BBI and ensure that Raila Odinga succeeds President Uhuru Kenyatta.

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“The first goal is passing the BBI while the second one is ensuring that Raila Odinga becomes the fifth president,” Otiende said.
He, however, accused some party members and officials of blocking Raila’s presidential bid.

“Unfortunately, these are people who have their own issues and conviction unlike me who have my own primary and fundamental goals. The rest we can deal with,” explained Otiende.
The party recently directed its members in Parliament to endorse the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) Bill in its entirety.

On Monday, May 3, ODM Director of Communications, Philip Etale said, the party members have to disagree and later agree on principle.

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“In a democratic party like the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) members have to disagree and later agree on principle especially when it comes to sensitive matters as the constitution review,” Etale said.
Etale moved to assure the party members, supporters and the general public that its legislators are only differing on substance but agree that they will all pass the Bill on the voting day.

“Kenyans should not look at the differences in the opinion as a split in the party but as a demonstration of maturity in a democratic space,” Etale added.

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