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The Ministry of education issue new directives before reopening of schools

Schools are deemed to reopen on Monday according to cabinet Secretary Magoha. The ministry has at very same moment release new directives on the reopening of technical and vocational training institutes which need students to report to school for face to face learning by Monday 10th May.

The Tvets PS Margaret Mwakima has directed colleges to make sure that they follow covid protocols and guidelines put forward prior to resumption. The principal has also revised the school calendar which require students to finish incomplete second term that was hindered by president’s directives before.

“The State Department directs Tvet Institutions to resume face-to-face training from May 10,2021,” she said. As it was seen before, some institutes were almost closing up for the second term while other shut schools up few weeks before the term terminates.

The PS noted that the lost time which she thought is two weeks, will be compensated as from Monday 10th to 21st. The students will eventually welcome third in style as from 24th May which ends in July 30th. As required, the students will then prepare for national examinations which are scheduled on second August 2021.

Dr Mwakima warned that the ministry will be having frequent spot check after resumption. She also urged colleges to ensure prominence in the case of practical training faculty immediately they resume. She also noted that they should embrace online studies for lessons that do not require practical training to avoid social distancing fiasco and reduce the spread of the virus.

“Any failure will lead to Suspension of operations in the particular institution, including action on the management,” the Dr said.

The 2022 education will be issued out immediately after the third terms terminates ,that is on July as directed by the principal Secretary Dr Mwakima

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