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The president was left sweating after dp enters his bedroom without knocking

Not once or twice has President Uhuru Kenyatta warned those trying to enter his bedroom. He has been warning them every now and then. He has been telling them that if they want to enter his Mt. Kenya bedroom, then they should use the front door. He has been warning them against using the back door.

Many people have been anticipating that all those warnings have always been directed to Deputy President William Ruto. That is because it is Ruto who has been making several trips to the Mt. Kenya region.

Although President Uhuru Kenyatta has on many occasions been able to counterattack those moves from DP Ruto in his Mt. Kenya region, today he has definitely been left sweating after Ruto’s new attempt of entering the region getting him flat footed.

That is because Ruto’s linked UDA announced through their official twitter account that they held a talk with My. Kenya women lobby group at the party’s headquarters. They went on to claim that the group target to register 1 million members in Mt. Kenya

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