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A Suspect Trading In Human Body Parts Arrested In Ahero As His Rentals And Car Tourched

The body of a girl reported by Ramogi redio yesterday found lying in a pool of blood in Migori has been identified. Speaking with one of her brothers, they identified as their sister’s, Moli.

Moli is a business woman within Ahero town who went missing a week ago. When the sad news of her death rocked Ahero town, the suspect behind her death, Owino, who owns rental houses within Ahero had to flee for his life as the girls brothers and sisters were baying for his life.

The charged brothers upon missing the suspect, decended on his property destroying everything on sight. They torched his personal car found in a lodging next to Karanda secondary School before torching his rentals located within Ahero, Kakola sub location.

According to the family of the deceased, their daughter was slaughtered with some of her parts missing like tongue, eyes etc. The deceased, Moli is said to have divorced her husband before the suspect housed her in one of his rentals within Kakola where the suspect used to take care of her financially.

Owino, the suspect is currently being help by police, though police is yet to verify this. A group of onlookers who were trying to put off the fire before the firefighters were called in blamed some youths for taking the opportunity to steal.

The lady is said to have send a worrying message to her parents “please help me I’m being killed” her message reads. This prompted her family members to seek police guidance.

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