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Curtains Fall For Kenyan Lawyer Paul Gicheru After ICC’s Top Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda Says This

Kenyan lawyer Paul Gicheru’s goon seemed to have been cooked after the International Criminal Court Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda gave the Hague based court reasons on why Gicheru should be prosecuted.

The Standard reveals that Bensouda claimed that in deed Gicheru was used by Deputy President William Ruto and Radio Journalist Joshua Arap Sang to bribe witnesses against testing from the 2007/2008 post election violence cases of the duo.

Bensouda added that the witnessed were ordered cash to withdraw their positions as witnessed with some of them even changing their homes.

Gicheru became the talk of town in November last year after he voluntarily surrendered to the ICC after an arrest warrant was issued, when the court was unable to trace him for the last five years.

“It is unsurprising since the modus operandi of Gicheru and his associates was to leverage the intermediaries’ knowledge of prosecution witnesses to target and corruptly influence them. Then, in turn, these corrupted witnesses were used to target other witnesses known to them. The inevitable result is that many of the targeted witnesses knew each other,” Fatou Bensouda claimed in court papers.

She went on to state that some of the witnesses met with Ruto and Sang in a public meeting where they publicly criticized the Second in Command.

She added that one of the witnesses identified by court number as P-0397 received threats from Gicheru, and is allegedly among those who withdrew form the case after receiving huge amounts of money.


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